Small actions lead to the bigger win!

Have you watched Shawshank Redemption? Great movie and also certainly a good way of portraying how small actions can make way for bigger successes. But, since we are not aiming a prison break, let’s get back to real examples.

Small actions. So, you have started putting together your book, or building your own website. But, you’ve hit a roadblock. In spite of a week of consistent daily action, you find yourself, too swamped in the mundane, to do what is important. You think to yourself. Doesn’t matter. Let me pick this up next week. Well, that is what needs to stop.

Put the mundane in the corner. Pronto.

Right now, focus your energy one small action that is associated to your project.


The Simple theory that gave you jitters in math class. Compounding interest.

A financial theory that is interest created from a principal initial investment, that is then added back to the principal. So, what is reinvested, will also garner interest.

Hmmm. Interesting much?

It applies to your investments. It applies to your life.

That small action doesn’t mean much today. Nor does the next small action. Well, nor the one after. But, like a snowball, every small action builds on itself. After rolling the snow for 30 feet, you’re looking at a massive boulder.

10 lines every day, for 40 weeks. And et Voila, you are looking at a completed book, a flourishing new start-up, or a thriving, growing community.

Success, they say, builds on success.

That’s why consistent, daily, actions, no matter how small, are of prime importance.

So keep at it.

Yes, it seems overwhelming, especially when you’re swamped with chores, tasks, meetings, and things out of your control.  And since we’re conditioned from birth for instant gratification, not seeing immediate results from your hard work is disconcerting.

But just remember, it is consistent effort over time that makes the difference.

And be careful of that voice in your head that tells you to stop or take a break.  His words are venomous.  That’s the Resistance talking – trying to keep you from doing your truly important work.

Overwhelming, isn’t it? Especially since you are so choc a bloc with chores, tasks, zoom calls(ugh the new normal), and things are spiraling out of control. And since, we are conditioned as infants, to seek instant gratification, not seeing immediate fruits of your hard work, is a real downer. But, delayed gratification, that comes with consistent efforts over time, that makes the difference. There will always be this voice within that will ask you to stop. Those words are meant to be shut down. That voice is nothing but, resistance. A deterrent trying to keep you from growing.

Simple 4 small actions, that can help you take the small actions.

1)    Put away the unnecessary and mundane.

– There is an unused button in your smartphone. DND.  Put everything away.

– If you need to, have a notepad on your desk to write down random ‘to-dos’, that need to be done. That piling laundry, that nags you, just when you are making a breakthrough in your presentation.

– Write down the task, set a time when you can do it, and get back to your work.

2) Stay short-sighted for bigger success.

Pick the low hanging fruit. If you focus on what is at hand, life gets much easier. Whether it’s the beginning of a presentation or calling a vendor or client about a sale. Don’t procrastinate. Pick the closest task and strike it off your list.

3) Use the timer.

Here is a quick tip you can borrow from the best bakers. Timing. Set a timer, and don’t stop what your tasks is at hand, until the timer goes off. 25 mins is all it takes, to bake the most decadent choco chip cookies. Just like your work. Timing can always help make a big win!

4) Don’t Lose hope.

Richard Branson, says, this quite often, in his talks. Small actions, over time can build empires. So, once you are done achieving that teeny weeny deadline you set for the day. Do not loose hope. Hold on to it. You will need that motivation to help you through the third and fourth round of small actions. ( It is here that your dopamine levels go kaput. You might want to read our blog on happy chemicals by the way.)

Jeff Olsen, sums up the importance of small actions beautifully.

“Every action that is easy to do, is also easy not to do.”

Now I’ve got a small action plan for you…

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