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As a growth coach, I incorporate a solution focused coaching methodology, which involves creating awareness to tap into your inherent potential. My areas of expertise lie in the following areas:

-- Coaching individuals and teams to find their spark! I believe we have whatever we need, within us. I help create value, recognize strengths to shine and thrive! Thus, enabling people to live a purposeful life, and empowering them to achieve their personal and professional goals.
-- Working with startups or teams within larger organizations, enabling process transformations and product innovations for increased efficiency, faster time to market and improved quality.
-- I also leverage my experience and expertise to provide career counseling and technology/product related insights in academia.

Coaching is a journey of becoming and unbecoming, setting the wheel in motion towards finding your purpose and creating your vision.

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Career & Leadership Growth

  • Growth begins at the start of our careers – Choose the right path.
  • Lean into your strengths.
  • Develop your own unique leadership style.
  • Maximize your potential.

Personal Development

  • Develop your vision & goals.
  • Create balance across various aspects of life.
  • Design an actionable path to achieve your goals.
  • Lean into your authentic self & move towards excellence.

Process & Product Innovation

  • Leverage world class design thinking & engineering practices.
  • Streamline processes to enable agility.
  • Facilitate individual & team growth for increased collaboration & efficiency.

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