Process & Product Innovation

Facilitate organizational and team growth through innovative methodologies and best practices.

Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is an iterative process of extracting information, learning from it and applying human-centered techniques to solve problems in an innovative way. This design thinking workshop introduces teams and individuals to the five-step systematic framework to empathizing with the customer, defining the problem, ideating a solution, prototyping and testing it. Learnings from this program will enable participants to immediately integrate the design principles at work to boost creative solutioning leading to better results and happier customers.

Agile Team Collaboration Workshop

Agile Team Development training course is ideal for software development teams who are new to Agile or established Agile teams who would like to be more effective.  teaching on Agile principles and techniques, to equip teams to work together more effectively in an Agile context.

  • The philosophy behind Agile principles and the Scrum techniques
  • The roles within an agile team
  • How to contribute and collaborate as a member of an agile team
  • The behavioral strengths and weaknesses of your teammates and yourself, and how to use this knowledge to the advantage of the team
  • Experiential learning with hands-on case studies and interactive exercises


Mantra for building successful products 

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