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Your Score:

A score of 34 and above:

Congratulations and well done! You are leading a balanced life.
You can continue to maintain your wellbeing score by keeping up the activities you are already involved in. You can step it up and achieve excellence.

A score between 25-35:

Most people fall within this range. You can aim to boost your wellbeing in specific areas to lead a more well-balanced life.
Give some thought to the various aspects of your life, prioritize 2 or 3 and apply a focused effort to enhancing those.

A score below 25:

You should make an intentional effort to improve your overall wellbeing. Here are few steps you can take to work in that direction:

  • Be around people who support and energize you.
  • Start doing a new activity or learning a new skill, that you might enjoy.
  • Appreciate the little things about yourself and your environment.
  • Exercise and eat healthy.

If you feel low, anxious, unproductive or not valued, reach out to your coach or therapist for support.